Imagine a landlord who supports the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Sativa

As former dispensary owners our founders are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing today's marijuana entrepreneurs. Landlords are not interested in working with the industry. Their lawyers tell them not to rent to the industry, their bankers tell them not to rent to the industry, their insurance companies do the same. Its easier for most landlords to give up the rent than to get involved. The few who have been willing leased out their spaces long ago and it seems the only way to enter the market today is to tie up large amounts of capital to purchase a building but most single store dispensary owners simply can't afford to tie up their much needed cash.

We can help, we want to be your landlord.

We are currently building a multi-tenant marijuana production campus in Pueblo county, Colorado. Taking advantage of 300 days of sunshine we are constructing the campus with state-of-the-art commercial marijuana greenhouses built to suit for licensed dispensary and infused product manufacturers.

Our design addresses the tremendous water needs, the requirement for substantial power and we even include housing on site for your growers. Our design allows 24/7 x 365 production with our black out system and supplemental lighting. We've included all the controls you'd expect in a well designed indoor grow and using our system you'll reduce your power bill by as much as 90%. We've even hired a twenty year veteran of the security industry to design the perimeter and patrol for our fortress and best of all, we have the support of the local county commissioners.

If you need to expand your production facilities contact us and see if we can't build for you a turn key production facility today.


We offer:
-Custom-Built Greenhouses
-Financed Rent

coming soon:
-Crop Insurance
-Marijuana Bank Accounts

Who We Are

Sheridan Company is a Colorado corporation formed in 2014 to service the growing marijuana industry.

What We Do

Sheridan Company designs, constructs and leases real estate to the regulated medical and recreational marijuana industries in North America.

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Grow Campus Location:
Avondale, CO
Uninc. Pueblo County

Corporate Headquarters:
Sheridan Company
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